Luggage mould

Luggage mould


Problems and treatment solutions presented by injection molding: 1): The trunk mold has a serious problem that the product cannot show partial pain. Once the partial pain is not only harmful to the production of the product, but also to the life of the mold, so it is in the luggage at the planning time. Mould

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Problems and solutions for injection molding of luggage cases:

1): The trunk mold has a serious problem that the product can not show partial pain. Once the pain is not only detrimental to the production of the product but also to the service life of the mold, the fixed mold of the luggage mold must be resistant during the planning time. The grinding block is adjusted, and the core insert on the side of the trunk mold of the luggage mold must have a Spike lock core insert. Be sure to set a benchmark when processing.

2): The luggage mold will present such a problem during the mold test. The problem is that there will be drowsiness in the side of the handle next to the injection mold. The severe time will burn, so you need to discuss with the customer here. Adding exhaust inserts to the trunk mold handle will help deal with the problem of product exhaust.

3): There is still the problem of the mold release of the luggage mold. If the luggage mold is polished in a process after the processing is completed, the side of the luggage will not be drawn at the later stage of the mold test, so the luggage mold is processed. After finishing, the bottom of the polishing must be manually blasted in the direction of the mold release, and then polished, so as to ensure that the luggage mold can smoothly remove the product.

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