• Thin wall products
    Thin wall products

    Commodity name: Thin-wall mold Commodity size: Customized according to drawings and samples Main material: Steel Main processing equi

  • Electrical mould
    Electrical mould

    Commodity name: Electrical mold Commodity size: Customized according to drawings and samples Main material: Steel Main processing equ

  • Cup mould
    Cup mould

    Thin-walled cup molds are generally made of PC material. The wall thickness is 0.5mm. The number of mold cavities is generally contro

  • Custom Turnover Box M...
    Custom Turnover Box Mould

    When plastic molds are filled at low temperatures, assuming that the melt velocity is not sufficiently high, the internal stress of t

  • Paint bucket mould
    Paint bucket mould

    The key to technology is to come up with the problem. Because the paint bucket is different from other types of buckets

  • Pallet mould
    Pallet mould

    Plastic products have a certain service life. Of course, plastic trays will do the same. Once they are used for a long time, they wil

  • Pipe fitting mould ma...
    Pipe fitting mould making

    Precautions for the production of pipe fitting molds: 1. The choice of mold steel: This type of product has high requirements on appe

  • Automotive mold
    Automotive mold

    With the continuous improvement of the quality of industrial products, the production of stamping products is showing many varieties,

  • Professional pipe fit...
    Professional pipe fitting mould

    According to the function of pipe fittings, we can divide the pipe fitting molds into the following types: 1. PVC pipe fitting molds

  • Flowerpot mould
    Flowerpot mould

    At present, more and more potted plants are coming into people's homes and some public places, especially large potted plants, which

  • PVC pipe fitting mould
    PVC pipe fitting mould

    Has good tensile and compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipes, and it has excellent corrosion

  • Stool mould
    Stool mould

    After confirming the number of cavities, the plastic stool molds for household use are placed in the cavity, that is, the orientation

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