What factors need to be considered when designing plastic mold processing?


When designing injection molding plastic molds, we must consider both plastic melt flow behavior and other plastic processing technology requirements, as well as mold structure and other mold structure issues. Plastic mold is a tool for plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine, which gives plastic products a complete configuration and precise size. Due to the variety of plastics and processing methods, and the structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products are different, the types and structures of plastic molds are also diverse.

1. Understand the flow behavior of plastic melt, consider the resistance and flow speed of plastic flowing in the runner and cavity, and check the large flow length. According to the direction of plastic flow in the mold, consider the problem of plastic re-melting in the mold and the original air out of the cavity.

2. Consider plastic shrinkage and shrinkage during cooling.

3. Control mold crystallization, orientation and improve internal stress of plastic products through mold design.

4, the choice of gate and parting surface.

5. The problems of horizontal parting and ejection of the part.

6, mold cooling or heating problems.

7. The relationship between the relevant dimensions of the mold and the injection machine used, including the relationship with the large injection volume of the injection machine, the clamping force, and the size of the mold assembly.

8. The overall structure and shape of the mold should be simple and reasonable. The injection mold should have appropriate accuracy, surface roughness, strength and stiffness, and be easy to manufacture and assemble.

The above-mentioned factors that need to be considered in the design of plastic mold processing are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone.

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