How to reduce the cost of plastic molds?


First of all, we need to choose plastic molds reasonably, and carefully select and plan plastic molds before production. In the production of plastic molds, scientific and reasonable management methods are selected. Strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in all aspects of production, supply, sales, and finance.

For the same plastic mold product, different production and processing techniques are used, and the quality and quantity of raw materials required are different. Each of the raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, power, wages, production costs, administrative costs, etc. in the production cost is detailed into the unit product cost, and it is managed with reasonable standards to prevent waste.

Enterprises reduce unnecessary waste in each link, and then reach the intention of reasonable storage and use of materials, reducing costs and increasing power. According to the characteristics of the product, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the use of improved processing methods can reduce production costs.

Different mold planning structures have different requirements for product materials, naturally there are good and bad. The requirement of mold service life directly affects the selection of mold materials. The company generally requires the service life of the mold to be 500,000 strokes, but in the current production of multiple varieties, small and medium batches, the mold life continues to be 500,000 strokes. The mold wall thickness can be appropriately reduced, and then the cost can be reduced.

In the mold structure planning, some structures are redundant. For example, in order to ensure smooth picking, a pneumatic jacking device is often stored on the mold, which is not used in actual production. There are many factors that affect the cost of mold making. The actual situation of each enterprise is different, and the requirements for mold products are also different. Good mold yield is high, less waste is generated, and natural production costs are lower.

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