Intent analysis of blank casting of PVC pipe fitting mold


The blanks of PVC pipe fitting molds are generally formed by casting. The intention of casting is to obtain certain shapes to achieve the intention of saving raw materials and processing hours, and reducing costs. At the same time, after the casting, the arrangement of materials can be made fine, the distribution of carbides and streamlines is reasonable, the heat treatment function is improved, and the service life of the casting mold is improved.

For general structural parts of a casting mold, casting is usually made with the main intention of obtaining a certain shape. Facing the main operating parts of the casting mold, especially the parts that require high heat treatment quality and long service life, such as the convex and concave dies of the die, forging dies, plastic dies, and die casting dies, in addition to the required In addition to a few shapes, saving raw materials, and reducing processing hours, the main purpose is to improve the function of raw materials through casting.

1. The material undergoes repeated piers and dials, which improves the density of the material itself, so that the internally arranged crystal grains can be further uniformed, thereby improving the use function of the material.

2. After the material is cast, the streamline direction or streamline twist of the material is changed, thereby improving the mechanical function of the material.

3. In the future, after the material is cast, the distribution of carbides in the material is improved, the level of dispersion is improved, the strength and toughness of the material are enhanced, and its processing function is improved.

From this point of view, PVC pipe fitting molds, especially the main working parts, must undergo casting processing before processing. Only in this way can we fully utilize the mechanical function of the material and prolong the service life of the casting mold.

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