How to deal with the defects of PVC pipe mold products?


What should I do if there are defects in the PVC pipe mold products? Today, I will explain to you in detail, I hope to help everyone.

Newly produced PVC pipe molds may have defects. The defects of the pipe mold products can be improved by the following points.

1. Improve the cooling conditions during grinding, such as using oil-immersed grinding wheels or internal cooling grinding wheels. The cutting fluid is introduced into the center of the grinding wheel, and the cutting fluid can directly enter the grinding area to exert an effective cooling effect and avoid burns on the surface of the workpiece. Reasonable use of cooling and lubricating fluid, to play the three major effects of cooling, washing, and lubrication, to keep cooling and lubrication clean, so as to control the grinding heat within the agreed range, to avoid thermal deformation of the plastic pipe mold workpiece.

2. Reduce the quenching stress after heat treatment to a lower limit. Due to the effect of the grinding force, the quenching stress and the reticulated carbonization are arranged to cause a phase change to easily cause cracks in the workpiece. For high-precision molds, in order to eliminate the residual stress of grinding, low-temperature aging treatment should be performed after grinding to improve the resistance.

3. To eliminate the grinding stress, the pipe fitting mold can be immersed in a salt bath at 260 ~ 315 ℃ for 1.5min, and then cooled in oil at 30 ℃, so the hardness can be reduced by 1HRC, and the residual stress can be reduced by 40% ~ 65%.

4. For the fine grinding of plastic pipe molds with dimensional tolerance within 0.01mm, pay attention to the influence of ambient temperature, and require constant temperature grinding. It can be known from the calculation that when the temperature difference of 300mm long steel parts is 3 ℃, the material changes by about 10.8μm (10.8 = 1.2 × 3 × 3, the deformation per 100mm is 1.2μm / ℃), and all the finishing processes need to be fully considered The impact of this factor.

Regardless of whether you have any problems with PVC pipe fitting molds or other injection molds, you can call us for consultation and we will help you deal with any difficulties.

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