Introduction to the process of planning PVC pipe fitting molds


How is the PVC pipe mold made? What kind of process does it have, let me briefly introduce it:

First of all, to make a PVC pipe mold, there must be a plan. You must plan what you do n’t have, and conceive the things in your mind. This is where you can refer to the prototype, and use the prototype to make the fantasy things real. Things, according to your ideas, make him more perfect. After the hand is made, in the future, take it to a professional mold factory, the mold factory will go to the number company to copy the number, copy the size of the handle plate, this is to do The first-hand data of the model, with the data, can exactly make the same thing as the prototype. After the data is copied, it must be planned by the mold planning engineer using professional software such as AutoCAD, Pro / E, and other tasks such as selecting steel and mold blanks are also carried out at the same time. The steel material for the pipe mold is selected. The steel material is selected only as a pile of iron. It is not a mold. It is the mold that must be processed on it. After the steel is bought back, it is not a messy one, but it must be done very carefully. The higher the accuracy, the better. The mold error made by advanced international skills is only a few U, but the cost of this mold is also high. First, he wants a good steel, and other machines are good. Above all, of course, no good master is in vain.

Secondly, after selecting the steel materials, it is necessary to start to start. Regarding the mold of the simple cavity core, the computer gong programmer master compiled the program on the computer gong, and the mold gong came out. It is necessary to use a spark machine for electrical discharge machining. For molds with complex curved surfaces, a three-axis linkage machine tool is required. The NC program needs to be generated based on the three-dimensional model in professional CAM software. After the mold is ready, pull it out to test the mold. After the mold is tested, the mold can be ejected.

The above is about the process of planning the PVC pipe fitting mold. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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