The key to pay attention to the production of PVC pipe fitting mold


Good PVC pipe fitting mold structure planning is a condition for a qualified mold making, then what aspects of PVC pipe fitting mold production need to pay attention to? Today, the editor of Taizhou Dacheng Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. came to analyze and summarize several key factors for everyone, hoping to bring some help to everyone.

For the production of pipe fitting molds we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Selection of mold steel: This type of product has high requirements on appearance and product appearance requires high brightness. Therefore, the selection of mold information is important. Generally, pre-hardened and acid-proof steel such as 2316 and M340 can be selected. The function of the data is super corrosion resistance, very good polishability, easy to reach the lens polishing effect, hardness after quenching can reach more than 52, wear resistance is moderately strong, is the first choice of mold steel for plastic pipe.

2. Planning of the mold structure: Calculate a reasonable structure to reach a short production cycle, reduce unnecessary processing procedures of the thread, and increase the production power.

3. Cooling water system and gate planning: According to the product's structural characteristics and product appearance requirements, a reasonable gate method is planned. There are large gates, latent gates and fan gates, needle valve types, etc., and reasonable flow channels. Structural planning can make the mold temperature reach equilibrium in a short time, so as to improve the accuracy of the product and the production efficiency of the product.

4. Spare parts configuration: inlays, guide posts, guide sleeves, sliders, slider sleeves, inclined top blocks, etc. use wear-resistant standard parts to improve the service life of the mold.

The key editors that need to pay attention to the production of PVC pipe fitting molds are introduced here. I believe that everyone has already understood. If you have any other questions, please call us for consultation and we will be happy to help you.

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