Talking about the Standard Precision and Crystallization Process of Plastic Mold


The temperature of the plastic mold will reduce the standard accuracy of the product, reduce the qualified rate of the product, the temperature difference between the mold core and the cavity is too large, the plastic part is shortened unevenly, resulting in bending and deformation of the product and affecting the appearance of the product. The temperature of the plastic mold is too high, which will deform the product during and after demolding, which will reduce its shape and standard accuracy.

For crystalline plastics of plastic molds, the use of plastic molds at high temperatures is conducive to the progress of the crystallization process, preventing changes in standards during storage or use. With regard to plastic flexible plastics, the use of plastic molds at low temperatures can reduce the molding shortening rate, the standard accuracy of the original parts, shorten the molding cycle, and improve production efficiency.

When plastic molds are filled at low temperatures, assuming that the melt velocity is not sufficiently high, the internal stress of the product increases, which can easily cause warpage and deformation or application cracking, especially for some high-viscosity plastics. The temperature of the plastic mold will reduce the fluidity of the plastic melt, making the part unclear, even dissatisfied with the filling, or obvious cold seams due to the excessive reduction of the melt front temperature during the filling process, leading to the product's Reduced mechanical properties. Too low plastic mold temperature will also make the surface of the product not smooth, and various surface defects will occur.

Pre-inspection of plastic molds:

Before installing the plastic mold in the mold, it should be inspected in order to detect quality problems in time, and repair the mold to prevent it from being disassembled after being installed on the machine. When the mold fixed template and the mobile template are viewed separately, pay attention to the direction signs to prevent mold closing Make a mistake.

Plastic mold inclined guide mold device:

When installing the mold, the two should cooperate closely to pay attention to safety. If there is a mold arranged sideways, the slider should be installed in a horizontal orientation, that is, the movable block is moved left and right.

Fastening of plastic molds:

After the mold positioning ring is installed into the positioning ring seat of the fixed template on the injection molding machine, the mold is closed at a very slow speed, and the movable template is used to gently press the mold, and then the pressing plate is pressed. A pad must be installed on the pressing plate. It is necessary to install 4 pieces on the top and the bottom of the compression plate. When lifting the compression plate, it is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the height of the scheduling screw to the same height as the die foot, that is, the compression plate must be flat. If the clamping plate is inclined, the mold feet cannot be pressed tightly. The side of the clamping plate cannot approach the mold to prevent friction from damaging the mold.

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