Talking about the Quality Control of Preform Mold


In today's increasingly competitive environment, the quality control of molds is the top priority of a mold company. An enterprise that ignores the problem of mold quality control is suicide, so we need to do a good job of mold quality control to improve the quality of molds. quality.

Next, let's talk about the quality control of the preform mold:

I. Pre-control

1. After receiving the product requirements, the design team performs accurate design of the mold such as the number of cavities, the injection gate method, whether a mold temperature machine or a water cooler is required, etc., and recognizes the required production process parameters and key procedures, etc. An innovative design has been made on the injection molded parts, which makes the possibility of wear and burr on the mold smaller, which avoids the problem of a cavity being blocked due to the large flash of the mold. Not only brings higher production efficiency, but also avoids rework repairs due to various problems in the production process.

2. Before preparing for production, check the raw materials required for production and the operation of equipment one by one. That is to say, the self-inspection and mutual inspection of each process are done well to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the next process, which not only saves raw materials but also shortens the quality control time in the later period.

Second, control in the matter

That is to say, the quality control of the mold in all aspects of the production process also includes the quality control of the product during the production process. The key process in the mold production process is determined as the key process, and the quality control point can be set at the key part or the weak link, and the mold can be tracked in time during the production process. For example, during the production process, it was found that the mold production cycle increased by a few seconds. We found this problem and checked it in time. Is it due to the quality of the gate or the flashing problem? Improving in time to improve the mold quality and service life, bringing more High production efficiency.

Third, after the control

The engineering service department inspects and collects the molds every month, and conducts self-inspection and special inspection in a timely manner in order to find problems in time and submit these problems to relevant departments, such as the technical department, production department, and design department for problem analysis. , Jointly comment and put forward rectification opinions, and take effective measures. The production process of the rectified mold is followed for continuous improvement.

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