Introduction of injection molding methods for PVC pipe fittings


Our PVC pipe fitting molds need a lot of attention during injection. Do you know any of them? Its method mainly includes four aspects, the next Xiaobian will introduce you in detail:

1. When the PVC pipe is mixed at high speed, the auxiliary agent enters the voids of the PVC resin, so that the auxiliary agent is evenly dispersed in the resin. Considering that the temperature is above 1000C, it is conducive to steaming out of the material. At 100 ~ 1200C. In order to make the additives fully touch the PVC particles and reduce the adsorption of the additives by the filler, the hot mixer should be started after joining the PVC resin, and then the materials should be charged in the following order: stabilizers, various processing aids, colorants , Filler. In actual production, most of the raw materials and auxiliary materials are put into operation before starting the hot mixer.

2. The barrel temperature in the solid transportation area is generally controlled at 100 ~ 1400C. If the feeding temperature is too low, the solid transport zone will be extended, the length of the plasticizing zone and the melt transport zone will be reduced, which will cause poor plasticization and affect the product quality.

3. The tubular object extruded from the die of the machine head should be cooled to make it hard and fixed. The sizing is generally performed by the sizing sleeve for the outer diameter and the inner diameter. Among them, the outer diameter shaping structure is relatively simple and convenient to operate, and it is widely used in our country.

4. The function of the traction device is to provide a certain traction force and traction speed to the pipe extruded by the machine head, uniformly lead the pipe, and adjust the wall thickness of the pipe after adjusting the traction speed. The traction speed depends on the extrusion speed. Generally, the traction speed is 1% ~ 3% faster than the extrusion speed.

The above-mentioned methods for the injection molding of PVC pipe fittings are introduced here. I hope it is helpful to everyone. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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