Analysis of Trimming and Trimming of Plastic Mold


After the plastic mold is processed, trimming is required in order to make the surface quality and size reach the corresponding specifications. However, sometimes the problem of iron chips is encountered in the process. What should we do to reduce the impact of iron filings on plastic molds?

If iron scraps occur at the scrap knife position, it is mainly caused by the plastic mold process. To deal with this problem, you can change the shape of the upper edge of the scrap edge of the upper mold 10mm to make a breakthrough edge shape, and The lower die scrap edge is milled out.

And if the plate made by the plastic mold does not conform to the shape and the edge gap is unreasonable, the profile of the various parts of the edge mold should be drawn, and the edge gap of the upper and lower edges should be adjusted and the depth of ingestion adjusted. For edge trimming, in order to improve the quality of the cross section and the life of the edge, on the one hand, the edge of the edge of the edge should be 3mm larger than the edge of the edge being trimmed; it is necessary to have the edge of the edge trimmed. At an angle of 10 ° with the edge of the trimming piece; on the other hand, a guide block should be installed as far as possible to eliminate the lateral force on the cutting edge.

To further improve the quality of trimming of plastic molds, it is advisable to use two or more trimmings, so that as long as the edge gap is reasonable, burrs and trimmings will not occur, which is convenient for eliminating waste materials, and ensuring the quality and stability of production. efficient. Or through the whole side trimming and double-piece middle separation zone trimming method.

It is changed that the central waste material is forcedly blocked by the upper mold breakthrough knife of the plastic mold and the cooperative blocking of the edge trimming edges of the convex and concave molds on both sides to achieve the final separation of the waste material, so that the waste material of the lower mold has a large space for chip removal and the waste material is easy to discharge.

This concludes the analysis of plastic mold trimming and iron filings, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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