Air atomizer mould

Air atomizer mould


Material requirements on plastic molds: sufficient external hardness and wear resistance: the general hardness of plastic molds is usually below 50-60HRC, and the molds should have sufficient external hardness after heat treatment to ensure that the molds have sufficient rigidity. Mould

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Air nebulizer mold-material requirements on plastic mold:

Have sufficient appearance hardness and abrasion resistance: The general hardness of plastic molds is usually below 50-60HRC. After heat treatment, the mold should have sufficient appearance hardness to ensure that the mold has sufficient rigidity. Mold wear resistance depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment hardness of the steel, so improving the hardness of the mold is conducive to improving its wear resistance.

Excellent machinability: Most plastic molds require a certain degree of incision and fitter repair in addition to EMD processing. In order to extend the service life of cutting tools, improve the cutting function, and reduce the surface roughness, the hardness of plastic mold steel must be appropriate.

Good polishing performance: High-quality plastic products require small surface roughness. For example, the surface roughness value of the injection mold cavity is less than 0.25, and the optical appearance needs to be less than 0.01 nm. It is necessary to polish the cavity to reduce the surface roughness value.

Good thermal stability: The shape of injection mold parts is often more complex and difficult to process after quenching. Outstanding thermal stability should be used as much as possible. When the mold is heat-treated, the linear expansion coefficient is small and the heat treatment deformation is small because the scale change rate is small. The metallographic arrangement and the mold size are stable, which can reduce or no longer process the temperature difference, and can ensure the requirements of mold size accuracy and surface roughness.

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