• Thin wall products
    Thin wall products

    Commodity name: Thin-wall mold Commodity size: Customized according to drawings and samples Main material: Steel Main processing equi

  • Cup mould
    Cup mould

    Thin-walled cup molds are generally made of PC material. The wall thickness is 0.5mm. The number of mold cavities is generally contro

  • Air atomizer mould
    Air atomizer mould

    Material requirements on plastic molds: sufficient external hardness and wear resistance: the general hardness of plastic molds is us

  • Medical mask mould
    Medical mask mould

    Manufacturing requirements: Medical mask molds are very demanding molds, and the product inspection standards are extremely high. In

  • Tissue Box Mould
    Tissue Box Mould

    To ensure the accuracy of box mold processing: the first is the equipment. As the saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must

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